Vertical Blinds

100mm Vertical Blinds:’AMEX Brand’ Posho Model

Vertical Blinds are the most economical solution for sliding doors and French windows. For irregularly shaped windows the vertical blinds are become the only practical solution. Even without blocking the out side scenario we can control the sun light by titling the vanes. Vertical blinds can rotate up to 170 degree to hide the light. There is no question of privacy also. This is easy to clean and maintain.

A very wide variety of exclusive colours, designs and textures are available. We do it with specially powder-coated aluminium head rail, imported acrylic runners, high quality PVC spacers, control units, cord weight, louver weight, bottom link chain in 100mm width, louvers made of specially scotch-guarded and non-curl imported fabrics with international standard fittings. Control tracks are with utter quality slim line with cord and chain. These much quality maintaining helps you to rotate the fabric vanes in very smooth and less effort manner. All the vertical blinds are completely user friendly trim and fit system. As we use high quality polyester fabrics with international standard, we assure you a complete protection from the sun and precise control of heat and light. All varieties of vertical blinds are available in width of 100mm.

Feather duster is recommended for cleaning. If there is any soiling it can be removed with the help of a brush or soft cloth and can apply diluted detergent water.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds have horizontal slates, one above another.. It is much suited for regular shaped windows, sliding windows and cabin doors. Outward opening windows can also prefer this. Venetian blinds are very flexible in nature. There is no hindrance for outdoor view. It can rotate nearly 180 degree. That is why it can provide complete privacy and can make complete control over light and heat. It has supreme styling.

We assure a comprehensive colour combination in every part of slate. We add separate location of lift cord and tilt wand if it is necessary. And of course a perfect closure of the blind is one of our features. There no Mechanism slipping in any reason. The blinds are extremely easy to fit and with the provision to trim the blinds up to 75mm from each end. Venetian blinds are suitable for almost every imaginable application. High range collections of Venetian blinds are available.

  • Super light Venetian blind with modern tilt wand technology and positive cord lock.
  • Metallic finished-metallic look Venetian blinds with high quality powder coatings. It may double the beauty of your kitchen window.
  • Venetian blinds in the pattern of Oak wood, Cherry wood and Sandal wood are also provided. It gives cent percent realistic wood effect while keeping all the features of Venetian blinds.
  • Alabaster Venetian blinds in standard and perforated options for a crunchy hi-tech outward show.

These Venetian blinds are real aluminium not to be mistaken as low cost PVC Venetian blinds.

Feather duster is recommended for cleaning. If there is any soiling it can be removed with the help of a brush or soft cloth and can apply diluted detergent water..

Wooden Blinds

New trend prevailing in the field of window dressing is wooden blinds. It gives a supreme styling in all sense. A warm and a natural feeling will be there. Wooden blinds are available in natural colours and in trendy tints. Its timeless beauty and natural feature brings a traditional touch to every window. Wooden blinds brings a festival between man made environment and natural beauty. For wooden floor it is highly recommended.

We provide mini 25mm, 35mm and 50mm slat widths of wooden Venetian blinds from very quality woods with strong operating mechanisms. We supply variety colors of wooden blinds available. Blinds are supplied along with matching pelmets which suits the wooden colour finish. You can choose the colour that supports your furniture. It is easy to clean and maintain.

Duster is recommended for cleaning. If there is any soiling it can be removed with the help of a brush.

Roller Blinds

If any one asks which is the most popular window covering in the world, no doubt, the answers will be the Roller blinds. It is very ease and adaptable solution at any season. It enables the window to an efficient way of controlling the quantity of the light in the room. By using different types of fabric we can accelerate the volume of light in the room.

Variety of Roller blinds with modern designs and colour variations by way of exciting designer prints are available to fulfil our de signs. Fabric collection range is very high. The most and very es sential part of a roller blind is fabric because it is the visibl e part of very blind. Cotton fabric and Polyester fabric will ens ure the levels of privacy and light excellently. Room darkening f abrics are also available. Its mechanism is very simple and easy to operate. Roller blinds can controls even from left and right.

Pleated Blinds

In a sense, Pleated blinds are very much equal to Venetian binds in its appearance. . It is highly suitable for shaped windows. By using pleated blind the room will get a soft and cool effect in accordance with the range of colures, textures and patterns of the fabrics. Wide varieties of fabrics are available to satisfy our design.

It is very durable and easy to operate cord lock. Its mechanism is very simple. A pull cord and a rigid head rail are the main parts. The blind is remaining closed and opened by using the pull cord. The uniform pleats remain for years .

Bamboo Blinds

Trends are changing. Now fibres and natural wood are using extensively for interior and outdoor decorations. In Kerala products and commodit ies which created by using bamboo is increased enormously. Now Bamboo touches the field of blinds also. Bamboo has fashionably ethnic appe al. Imported reeds are used for blinds. It gives a fashionable quali ty to the blinds. Its weight is also very low when compared with the wooden blinds. A wide selection of bamboo styles and colours are av ailable to satisfy our design and needs.

Roman Blinds

For any shaped window Roman Blinds are preferable. It is treated as perfect choice for window coverings. It is an acute alterative for roller blinds. Depending on the fabric and design used it offers high level privacy. Sateen lined fabrics keeps light and heat level moderately. Block – out lined fabrics gives complete darkness in any type of room.

Zebra blinds

Printed Roller Blinds

Motorized Blinds